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Kupo Standard Dichroic Colors

Click the color squares for detailed optical specs. Please note the colors shown on the squares below might look visually different from different personal computers, so they are not definitely identical to real dichroic colors. For real dichroic color, please check its transmission curve and optical values.
. Transmissive type of dichroic filters
(1) Short Pass (2) Notch
Short Pass Notch M12613 Fantacy Magenta M11114 Bright Pink M79516 Dark Rose M32815 Pink (M63336) P79711 Purple P79712 Deep Purple P12610 Light Purple P79909 Special Lavender M79506 Rose Pink M4905 Deep Magenta P12607 Mauve M79508 Rose M4904 Plum M79303 Vanity Fair M79502 Magical Magenta M5601 Magenta (M56339)
(3) Long Pass
Long Pass R2918 Plasa RedO16412 Orange (O0823)O1911 Sunset OrangeO77809 Golden Amber (O5921)O2210 Gold OrangeO15808 Light OrangeO17907 Deep AmberO01506 StrawY10103 YellowO10405 AmberY76704 Canary (Y89312)Y1002 Medium YellowY10001 Spring Yellow (Y0200)R17 Dark Red (R0027) R15 Ruby Red R16 Blood Red R2714 Red (R9926) R2613 Fire (O0819)
(4) Band Pass
Band Pass G72918 Scuba Blue G2812 Fern Green G73611 Oasis Green G13909 Primary Green G2810 Light Green (G01) G73608 Grass Green G73607 Jelly Green G73606 Dark Green G32503 Beryl Green G13905 Green (G28389) G73504 Velvet Green G32502 Mallard Green G32701 Forest Green G9017 Jade G74015 Yellow Green G8916 Moss Green G73814 Lime Green G73813 Pale Green
. Reflective type of dichroic filters
C35413 Steel BlueC11514 Peacock BlueC13116 Marine BlueC11715 Italian Blue (C45370)B0611 Brilliant Blue (B06669)B11812 Light BlueB14110 Shiny BlueB6809 Sky BlueB19506 Zenith BlueB71305 Blue (B4700)B8507 Bright Blue (B2879)B71408 Elysian BlueB70704 Ultimate VioletB18103 Dark Blue (B01)V79902 Special Blue V7101 Blue Purple (V6700) RX107-Pink Reflected colorRX105-Blue Reflected colorRX106-Purple Reflected colorRX103-Yellow Reflected colorRX104-Green Reflected colorRX102-Orange Reflected color RX101-Red Reflected color